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How To Plan A Wedding

The answer is simple. Don't. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!

So maybe the title should be WHY you should hire a wedding planner.

I apologize for the misleading title, but I've spoken with so many brides and seen too many google searches asking how to plan a wedding. Sure the idea of planning your own wedding is exciting and glamourous and all that good stuff, but who really wants to figure out how much ice the bar will need? That's where we come in! We are here to let you make the decisions you want, and we will handle the logistics. Here is just a small list of what we cover. Depending on the bride, we often handle wayyyy more.

Scheduling: There are so many different opinions on when to send out invitations, when to buy your dress, so on and so forth. Wedding planners will work with your individual timeline and curate a schedule based on your needs. (And hold you accountable for sticking to it!) Not only is it more personal, but believe it or not, your planner has planned many more weddings than most brides have. There are some logistics that are involved that a lot of brides might not even consider.

Budget: Budgets are terrifying. Planning my own wedding is when I really got a taste of how much a wedding actually costs. There are so many expenses that aren't accounted for. A wedding planner can give you reasonable price expectations for different vendors, create the budget, and most importantly, help you stick to it. You can check out our blog post about budgeting here.

Vendor Recs: Being in the industry for a while, we have worked with great vendors... and not-so-great vendors. Sure those not-so-great vendors have 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire or The Knot, but you don't want any surprises. Wedding planners can turn you in the direction of vendors that they KNOW have done amazing work in the past. Bonus: they know your personal style. And because they know your personal style, they can introduce you to great vendors that fit your vibe.

Communication: I don't know anyone who has a completely cleaned-out email inbox. If you are on top of things and have zero emails in your inbox, I applaud you! Each and every vendor you hire will send you at least 500 emails about your vision, setting up meetings, and details. With a wedding planner, you also get your own personal receptionist. We will take your calls/emails and weed out the nonsense, so you only have to worry about what's important. Instead of going back and forth with a million vendors, you will only have one to worry about - your planner!

Design: Not all planners are designers, and some companies just offer designers. Fortunately, we can do both here at M+G. If you share your vision with us, we will connect you with whichever planner we think will best fit your style and execute it effortlessly! If you don't know what you want design-wise, we can work with you and dream up something magical!

The Month/Week/Day Before: The week - really the month before your wedding is filled with vendor confirmations, logistics, details, and much more. It can truly be overwhelming. Many brides get lost in the stress and madness of it all and forget that this is one of the most exciting times of their lives. All of our planning packages include month-of planning. We will take on the stress so you can relax and enjoy being engaged for a little bit longer. And when things go wrong (notice I said when and not if) on your wedding day, you don't want to be the one that people bother to fix it. Our job is to anticipate, minimize, and quickly fix problems when they arise. If planners do this well, you won't even know it happened. :)

Ceremony Coordination and Rehearsal: Many people think they know how this should go, but oftentimes its turns into confusion and juggling family opinions (which we help navigate). Having a planner to lay out the processional, recessional, and everything in between can be your saving grace when it comes to the ceremony.

The Details: As I said before, there are so many details that brides will overlook or don't even realize exist! Your wedding process begins the day you get engaged and can last months after the big day. After the wedding there is still so much to do such as gown and bouquet preservation, thank you cards, etc. As your own personal expert on all things weddings, our planners can make sure that every detail is given the attention that brides just don't have time for.

I can't even tell you how many of our brides have mentioned something along the lines of: "I don't know how I could've done this without you!" This is not us bragging by any means; many brides really just don't realize how much time and work, detail and effort goes into the planning process. So when you're considering if a planner is something you can go without to save a bit of money, I sincerely urge you to reconsider! Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and focus on the million other stressful things in your life. Let us take on the job and work our magic! We are here so YOU can ENJOY this season of your life! We're here for you and we love you!!

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