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Our New Normal - A message from our fearless founder, Stacy.

Can we get real? It's been a whirlwind for everyone. We know. We'd be lying if we said we had it all figured out. We pour our heart and soul into every single thing we do and can't even begin to describe the rollercoaster of emotions this season has brought - having work be placed on hold and seeing client's dreams turned upside down and vendors trying to stay afloat... and everyone (including us) trying to find enough strength to say "be happy" and "chin up". But even we have had our days, our doubts and tears and sleepless nights. There hasn't been a book published, telling each of us how to handle it. But we CAN tell you we've tackled this season with hope - leaning on community and experiencing deeper faith like never before.

We've learned that we have been given much. Health, breath, and goodness. And it's our responsibility to get up and press forward with as much dignity and grace as we possibly can each and every day. We take a step back to keep perspective - to remain grateful for each day we've been given.

We've focused on normalizing the now, reprioritizing the every day and preparing for the future. We cannot say enough how much we love you! We love you so so much. And we're here for you. We're working day in and day out to continue to bring your vision to life. Yes, even now. Because we DO know that each of us are stronger because of this and regardless if you feel it or not, you're surrounded with so much love and support! 

We pray for peace, overwhelming peace. That you can join us in finding the good even now, focusing on what's most important. So if you haven't already, take a deep breath. Grab your future husband or wife and hold them tight. Soak up these moments together. Embrace the waves. And press forward in dignity. For your wedding day will come together beautifully. And aside from the "day" itself we so often focus on, may we not forget the sweet sweet marriage, the relationship, and the love behind the wedding day. For it's these things that carry on and leave the legacy.

We love you. Here's to another day we've been given.


Stacy Hillstead


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